Never accept the insurance company’s first offer to settle your injury claim. If you were injured because an insurance policy holder was not paying attention, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, time spent treating your injuries, lost earning capacity, and more. An insurance adjuster’s first offer to settle your claim will be a fraction of your damages – even if it seems like a lot of money at the time.

The insurance company will give the adjuster authority to settle your injury claim within a certain dollar range. The adjuster is a trained negotiator and will never start the settlement negotiation in the middle of this range. Rather, she will start near the bottom of the range as her aim is to resolve the claim for as little money as possible. This is why you should always reject the first offer.

You should reject the first offer in writing setting forth the facts of your case and your damages. After deciding the value of your injury claim, decide upon a range that you feel is fair. Start at the high end of your range and explain any extenuating circumstances that support the value you placed on your claim. Demanding more than what is offered to initiate further negotiations is the goal.

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